Area bucks taken this year (pic heavy)

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Area bucks taken this year (pic heavy)

Post  wihunter24 on Thu Jan 02, 2014 7:12 pm

With the hunting seasons winding down, I figured I'd throw up some pics.  Some nice deer got shot around here, but overall it was a very slow year and antler size was down through out the area.  Onto the pics- sorry if I crash your computer.
13pt, 19" spread, 188"

A good friend's first P&Y buck


177 2/8"- self filmed with 2 angles....

5 1/2" bases....

8pt, 20" wide



A buck I was after for 2 yrs and shot on adjoining land.  5 yrs old, 142"

Neighbor's buck.  Had about 20" broken off....


Your's truly.... 140"

15pt, 20" wide



16pt, 170"

Supposedly 180", but I'm not seeing it....



198 1/8"

A buck a good friend was after.  10pt, 23" wide

Friend's gun buck

Rumors of 200"+, but nothing official yet




20" wide, 165"


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Re: Area bucks taken this year (pic heavy)

Post  Aero on Fri Jan 03, 2014 8:12 am

HA... great pics.  I had heard Randy Myer had shot a nice buck, but didn't get to see the pictures.  Nice to see him out of the suit and into some camo.

The way it looks, I need to get my sorry butt away from Western MN where I'm lucky to see 3-6 deer a year, and start looking more to the east.  I bet I'm almost closer to western WI than I am to western MN... unfortunately the contacts I have are all in western MN.

Thanks for the pictures!  There are some serious slobs in there!

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Pope & Young

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Re: Area bucks taken this year (pic heavy)

Post  bowGal on Fri Jan 03, 2014 4:03 pm

Some dandies taken once again from your  fine state.!!!!!
 Congratulation's to  all the those  lucky hunter's,
  LOve all those splits on that 170  16pt.
   There was a  Monster massive  buck posted on  FB  yesterday killed in Wi.  it was taken by a female hunter- Have you heard  about or seen that one?

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Re: Area bucks taken this year (pic heavy)

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