I was thinking

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I was thinking

Post  shedder on Thu Jul 24, 2014 11:50 pm

Do you usually leave your extra signature spots blank on your leases like me??
Well what if we got a few of us together and put our names collectively on a group of leases?????

Lets say Vic and I picked up an Illinois lease next year (sorry Barb!) the lease gives us space for 6 so we would have 4 empty spots...

Harry decided to pick up an Indiana lease on his own that has 5 openings...

Zack has a Nebraska lease that allows multiple hunters...

Vic and I would add Harry and Zack to our Illinois lease.
Harry would add Zack, Vic and myself to his Indiana lease.
Zach would add Harry, Vic and myself to his Nebraska lease.

We each would gain two states to hunt for nothing!  Multiple state year every year!...It wouldn't hurt if you didn't make it out and what is a couple days to share your lease if it means you have two new states to hunt for nothing???
Am I crazy for thinking this way??
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