I haven't died

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I haven't died

Post  cnebuks on Tue Aug 12, 2014 8:28 pm

Holy crap it's been forever since I've been here!!! Glad to see most of the "ol' timers" keeping things alive on here. I got in a little trouble at work with stupid people misreading some of my facebook posts awhile back and quit all social media sites and haven't missed it at all it's just like the old days before internet. Minding my own business doing what I love, until I remembered this site and thought, I wonder what my old internet hunting buddies are up to? so I thought I'd check in and tell you all what i'm doing for this hunting season.

As most of you know I've always have had awesome pics of nice bucks on my property and have yet to kill one in 12 yrs of owning it. having 200 of nonhunted land next to me I thought this yr I'm not putting cameras out. I know the big guys are there, why wouldn't they be? they've been there every year I don't need to chase them with cameras to prove to myself anymore. I'm going back to the good old days of surprise and not educate and pressure them during the summer months.

I'm gonna say this is really really hard to do after getting accustom to not knowing and seeing the advancements of the bucks and I couldn't tell you if LS9, Prince, or Mean Gene or alive and well or not.  I can say that during evening glassing and drives there are more deer in my area this year then the last 12 and my oldest boy is old enough to hunt this year and I couldn't be more excited to help him get a deer on the ground this fall. Last Sat. him and myself went shotgun shopping and he's pretty pumped to get out and target shot. He's been studying maps and writing down everything from our scouting trips, I told him he gets to pick where we put his stand, where ever he thinks is the best spot. I think it should be interesting where he picks.

With the cold wet spring I didn't get any food plots planted this year, but the farmer that rents 35 acres from me planted alfalfa last yr and it looks awesome this yr. I have most of my early season bow stands hung around the fields since the deer have been feeding heavily on the alfalfa nightly.

short summery hope to check in more often during the up coming most exciting months of the yr!!!!

Take Care, Jason

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Re: I haven't died

Post  soil on Tue Aug 12, 2014 8:55 pm

Kudos to you Jason on trying the low key approach!  That's got to take some discipline. I'm sure it would be a good practice for my spots as well. We'd all love to see velvet pics of LS9 and gene, but I know we would love it even more to see your stealth tactic pay off and see one of those mature bucks in a hero picture.
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Re: I haven't died

Post  bowGal on Thu Aug 14, 2014 6:31 pm

LOl , Jason- I wandered why  I  have  not  seen any  notification's from you for a while on the ole dreaded  FB, Wink 
X's  2  to  what Josh  said,  like you  , I have  even been more   selected this year on where  I put  camera's out,or even area's  I have stepped foot in since  last  Jan.
 We are just so thankful that you  have been  able to share
 LS9, mean  gene and  Prince  with us over the year's.
  I think they all mean as much to us as they do you!!!!!

 Thanks for  checking in  Jason,   missed ya, and    To  heck with   most of the idiot's  that live for  the   Social media,
 Season is  approaching fast, Pic's are not,  We all come here to talk Whitetail and   Family!!!!!

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Re: I haven't died

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