Apple Orchard

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Apple Orchard

Post  DMW97 on Fri Aug 29, 2014 9:46 pm

Jacob and I decided to head out and check this place out today and surprisingly a lot more deer signs than we thought. with the total amount of woods on that property bein like 4acres.. 1.8 in top right and 2.2 towards bottem left.. Both had good signs of trails and what not but that top left corner was better. Trails like a heard of cows goin through. The apples are right there in the middle towards top, 15 acres of those and the homeowner said the deer deem to travel from that 1.8 straight along fence line at topĀ or this little bottom. There's that little patch of woods right there a few yards off that 1.8 acre part we are setting the stands up in its in the little bottom the deer travel plus we can see to top of fence line so its a win win situation.. the apples are crazy.. never seen so many in my life. Big apples tol for the most part. For some reason when I try and post all the other pictures there really small not sure whats up so this will have to do scratch scratch scratch

so many different kinds of apples.. this is what almost every tree looks like other than the ones the deer get ahold of there workin there way in...

this was one of the weaker trails wont let me post the rest of pictures Question scratch
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