LOl just had to share this

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LOl just had to share this

Post  bowGal on Tue Oct 07, 2014 9:05 pm

I had to softly  yell at a little  5pt tonight   that would not leave 5 doe's alone, and he still would not  quit. Young and dumb  male  species -  these  doe's know me so  well and- yes they really were appreciating my help, 2 of them bedded  below me while  I was telling him to get the heck out of here . Ok    I know that was not the smartest thing to do  but it sure was a fun time- trust me a few of these mature doe's know they are safe with me and I am   only after the bigger boy 's harassing there sweet little butt's Laughing
 If you think  I am nut's so be it, on my way  in yesterday,  I was  pulling the card on another brassica  plot and  2  doe's stood there  right next to me  one I could of patted on the head-while  I pulled the card, and yes   I talked to them the entire time got   20 yards away and looked back at them and they   could care less - they wanted to eat  in that plot
 So much is different this year from last year, a few  certain buck's we know so well in their  travel's  have changed
 I have to  think it is because of this year's  rain total's that  and thank's to  my  CPO's that helped us save a few more doe's this year cheers  It will  take a few more   sit's this early in the season, but this might just be the first year in the past  7 that  I honestly might  even think about   shooting a doe, but of course  that will still  never happen  until  after the end of Nov. and early Dec. period

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Re: LOl just had to share this

Post  chukbuk on Thu Oct 09, 2014 7:45 am they bleat and call u mom?  

     I'm getting that way with a few that seem to recognize me (and the feed bucket).  They scamper off the hill when they see me or hear the leaf blower ... I'm still not sure why but it's like a gas powered deer call!
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