Every once in awhile it just works out just the way it should!!

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Every once in awhile it just works out just the way it should!!

Post  shedder on Mon Feb 16, 2015 9:43 pm

With all the craziness going on in the world, it may seem rare to find wholesome, genuine good people.  My outdoor passions allowed me the opportunity to meet Shaun Thomson.  He's got something really special going on.  Both in his Bone Cold TV Show and his amazing Antler Ice deer scents.
I'm not a pro staffer or field staffer.  Just someone who is completely excited to see good things happen to great people!  I excitedly use and believe in Antler Ice deer scents.  Prior to finding Antler Ice, I had quit using deer scents after realizing I was consistently scaring away the area doe with the very scents that were suppose to bring in the big bucks!  Something just didn't seem right with how that was working...Why would the real thing be so afraid of what was coming out of the bottle??   With Antler Ice I finally have found a deer scent that doesn't send a doe running off into the next county!  Just take a look at all of the hero doe shots sent in!   
Honestly, have you ever found deer scents to spook doe?  Then just click the link below and take a look.  TRUST ME!  Plus they are just a great bunch of people!  Hunters you would want to sit around a campfire with and talk deer!  Just good honest people and it shows in how they are doing things!  Give them a look and don't be afraid to try their Antler Ice this fall!  You have my word it's the best I have ever tried. 
They have a new TV show out on the Pursuit Channel and are about to have their 3rd annual video premiere.  
Just a cool evening where they invite anyone and everyone together to watch this years DVD's release.  Food, beverages and lots of prizes.  Including raffles for hunt giveaways for several species including some fishing charters, Maine Bear hunt, Florida Alligator hunt, Missouri Deer hunt, and a Nebraska Turkey hunt!
You don't have to be at the premiere to win one of the hunts...some of the hunts are set up that you have to have 1 paying customer to get the free hunt...if you are looking to buy raffle tickets.  Make sure you read all the info on the hunts.  I know the fishing charters are not that way but the bear hunt was.

I love these guys and what they are doing! 

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