Sweet deal.

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Sweet deal.

Post  bowGal on Fri May 08, 2015 3:00 pm

Larry called over to the  DNR today to see if they had  any  free soybean's and corn seed this year, that and of course get the no-till drill,
 The biologist said he had  3 bag's of  corn and  2 bag's of bean's in his truck, so Larry hurried over to pick that up,  That will save us some money on  corn, we paid 249.00 per bag last year for seed corn.cheers Still going to need  at least  4 more bags of bean's but   Tim said  he would have more bean's later, And  on a good note the  notill drill is up at Siloam Spring's Park  so that will save us  time  only having to  drive 18 mile 's up the road  to get it,

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