A very tuff winter it was: Why some leases may seem too good to be true...Option to cancel MI UP deer season??!!

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A very tuff winter it was: Why some leases may seem too good to be true...Option to cancel MI UP deer season??!!

Post  shedder on Thu May 14, 2015 8:05 am

With the brutal winter we had in the Upper and North East this year it is taken its toll onto our deer herds.  In the end it may be a much needed natural thinning of the weak so that a stronger healthier herd is left to breed.  Hence passing on superior genetics as in the case for millions of years.  

Here is a link to a quick story that you might like to read if you are thinking of hunting or leasing in places like MI Upper Peninsula or the North East...Take a look at before you leap this year!!


I have always wondered if all of our passions to build a bigger, stronger deer herd could actually have some unthought of negative impacts on the herd in the end in ways such as:

Allowing genetically weak deer the opportunity to survive thru the highly available scientific food plots out there. These inferior examples of the species would never have survived long enough in generations prior to pass on their weak genes.  Today these weak links in the Whitetail chain are not only surviving but infecting the gene pool with their reproduction.

I also wonder about the everything in moderation thought and what everyday effects these mega dosed plots can do to a deer herd over the long haul...We can all see the short term benefits but are we unknowingly altering a deer's genetic makeup?  I guess you could call it Orthogenesis...maybe.  
I'm not saying Irish Elk here and their antlers will get too big and heavy for their body to support but I do wonder if there are changes being made internally that we are not aware of that maybe negatively impacting our Whitetail...making it prone to certain disease or something new altogether.  Something has to be the key factor in the wide sweeping population decline overall.

With that I slip back in line to this winter and the needed natural thinning of the herd in order to strengthen its gene pool.
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