misc. pics of the girls

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misc. pics of the girls

Post  soil on Sun Jul 12, 2015 8:22 pm

lana has become quite the little tree climber.   it makes me a little nervous as she is extremely confident and doesn't have a healthy fear of heights just yet.  this big pine had the top blown out years ago and grew this huge hand shaped formation that is a perfect spot to sit.  it's about 30 feet up so i went up with her just to make me feel better.  you can see a front end loader on a tractor over her left shoulder. 

we went fishing with my brother and his son the weekend after memorial day.  lana had a good time catching these little bluegill.  she caught several and even let mila reel in one or two. 

this year i planted nearly a quarter of our little 2 acre yard in sunflowers.  the girls really like to watch the finches, bees, butterflies, and doves in them and i enjoy not having to mow that section. 

the sunflowers a few weeks ago

most of the heads are all bloomed out now.  i'd like to plant something taller next year.  these are just black oil seeds that i planted from a bag of bird seed with a john deere corn planter.  i also wasn't able to get them sprayed due to rain so they are full of weeds. 

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Re: misc. pics of the girls

Post  chukbuk on Mon Jul 13, 2015 4:39 am

Nice, melts my heart to see your girls so cute and young!  My daughter is 22 and just graduated college...the empty nest is lonely!  Like the Tim McGraw song line...  "going fishing is not a imposition". I'd trade anything to be bluegill fishing again with my daughter.  
     Funny about the black oil sunflowers...I was just thinking about throwing some in on a bank i need to plant.  They look great!
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