I finally retired...sort of!

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I finally retired...sort of!

Post  chukbuk on Mon Jul 13, 2015 4:54 am

I gave up coaching recently!  The travel, headaches and problems finally got to be too much for me this spring so one day I just said I'm done!  The tough part was actually being done.  Lots of commitments I had to fulfill before walking away from a sport that I have devoted most of my life to.  It's amazing how you don't realize how much something takes out of you until you are away from it!  
     Loving life now and committed full time to my kitchen addition which has turned into a huge project (huge for me anyway).  I got really behind due to rain and hitting bedrock in the excavation!  We were in a serious spring drought until the day I started digging.  Anyway, finally making progress and have time again to breathe and stop in the forum again!  Missed u all and of course I have stories to tell and pics to share!
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Re: I finally retired...sort of!

Post  bowGal on Mon Jul 13, 2015 4:38 pm

Great to hear from you CB,
  Hopefully  you now can start enjoying some  more free time, well other then all the  kitchen work ,   Keep us  posting  can not wait to see all  the new renovation's  you  are  making to the  kitchen

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