Took a walk around my new lease today...

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Took a walk around my new lease today...

Post  shedder on Wed Aug 12, 2015 9:03 pm

This place is a dream!! I don't know if I'm more excited about the Salmon fishing opportunities or the hunting?!?! 75 acres with the East border having 3,500' frontage on the N Salmon River and the West border being State Forest!  Perfect position to get deep into the state land where others would have to travel a long long way by foot to get to the swamps!! 

I have been looking for some land in this area for a couple years and even tried to get some to join me from here on another property a little while ago.
This one I'm doing on my own with Carrie and my boys. 
Permission has already been given for either a cabin or an RV for a camp! 
Anyway I took a walk today and snapped some pics...its beautiful!!

Leading into property:

Nice opening made by old logging landing:

Great game trail running thru the woods!

Great diversity in this area!

This tree screamed trail cam!!

Borders State Land...way back deep around a swamp area!! Easy access for me!!

Some cool rock croppings!! 

My favorite spot on my lease!!

And now the river frontage!! The entire Eastern border!!

More fishing beauty!! My kids will love it here! Not only a natural gem but stocked every year!

This lease just doesn't stop!!

And just a few Miles away is this amazing gem!!!
The Salmon River Falls!!

This is my lease: I can't wait to hunt that swamp!!!!!!!

Sorry for all the pics...I'm just pumped for finally getting in this area and having this place be so

That's my day in pictures!
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Re: Took a walk around my new lease today...

Post  chukbuk on Thu Aug 13, 2015 5:59 am

It sure looks like dream-land to me Shedder!  Gotta love a big swamp that is remote...old wise bucks live there!
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