Got some plots in

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Got some plots in

Post  Boss Gobbler on Thu Sep 24, 2015 9:01 pm

I had some time today and finally got a few plots in. I did a mix this year. In the past I always had good luck with winter wheat. This year I added  oats to the mix. I have never tried them so I guess we will see. Now hopefully we get the rain that we are supposed to. 

On a side note. If anyone is interested in building a nice rock fireplace,  wall, or even a complete rock house, you are more than welcome to come get your rock from my plots.  Now I know why the old farmer who owned this place before me got out of farming.
There are already 4 big rock piles on the field edges. I guess I'm going to make them a bit bigger. This is 1 of 3 loads I picked up today. Sad thing is I could probably pick up about 3 more. Mad
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Re: Got some plots in

Post  bowGal on Fri Sep 25, 2015 5:32 pm

LOl had to laugh, at all those big bolder's,, Now we have never had to  contend with any the size of those, but  every year we cuss    the rocks  that  seem to grow every year we do plot  work, you would  think as many times as we have worked this ground   there would  not be any let, Larry swears they  grow lol! after every rain, Larry  broke  some  machinery  working up the  lease ground this  year,  I   have no  Idea  how long it has been since  that ground  was last  farmed, but it   had to  of been many many  moon's ago

  I think you  should  make your wife a  beautiful garden pond  and  water fall area  with them,

  Keep us posted on how the deer like  the  oat's, We use to plant  large plots of them , but  only seem to get  about   3 week's of  good hunting on them  and the  deer vacated them, Not  sure  why, maybe they  just favored all the other plots , that  and nothing as far as plot's  go  seems to keep them out of the whiteoak's  when  they are plentiful   Mad

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